August 20, 2012

Livin' out Dreams!

Love this...

 and this...

Dreams are a such beautiful mix of effort and belief! In college I took some test that narrowed down 4 words that would show important themes to you in your life and leadership...and one of my top ones is dreams. This was no surprise to me as I've been making, accomplishing and dreaming up new dreams for as long as I can remember! My heart wouldn't beat without dreams.

When's the last time you acknowledged a dream of yours? Or even voiced it to someone else? Dreams of mine can seem silly or unreachable the more adult I become...but I love that my Lord knows my heart, doesn't think they are silly, too big, etc. and that he meets my heart through dream opportunities. So here's props to the God who has given me many dreams this year, including one I'll share through some pics: an all expense paid evening at SeaWorld!

{a fabulous Dolphin show}
{so happy to be here}
{it's not everyday you get this close to these beauties!}

So dream BIG & work HARD this Monday; you never know what's in store!

with redeeming hands,

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