August 18, 2012

Movin' friendships!

College Moves. Post college Move. International Travel. Move for Internship. Some more Moves. Marriage. More Moves. Career Moves. Sort of Settled. Local friends Move.

My twenties have been full of changes in addresses and in friendships. There have been so many personal moves in my early/mid-twenties twenties & now in mid/late-twenties it's been my TFA friends near me moving. So it's been a learning process of figuring out how to hold onto (and sometimes let go of) friendships. I've heard women say their 30's are their favorite years--probably b/c you're more settled! Can't wait!

Well one of my friends Sarah recently moved away to pursue some big dreams of her own in St. Louis & to celebrate her new place that she'll call home, I made up a lil' wall art:) The quote "To thine own self be true" is one of her favorites. Sarah was actually a huge support in being the 1st person to support my Close To My Heart business!

{Close To My Heart: Ink, Cardstock, Baker's Twine, Stickease, Glue Dots, Sparkles, Buttons, Paper Cutter}

To create this project, choose a 12 x12 layout and then add 12 x 2 sections on sides.If you're like me and you need a visual step-by-step for how to create beautiful layouts, I recommend Make It From Your Heart: Volume 1. I only need to pick up a frame now to complete it! (The blank white area on this layout will fit a 6 x4 picture of her choosing.) Last fall I found some great 12 x 16 frames at Wal-Mart that work great for these projects! Simply pop this in the frame & ta-da wall art via scrapbooking! I just love it when I can combine my love for crafting with my love for others, yay!

with redeeming hands,


  1. Your post made me a good way :)
    Fabulous artwork, Rachel, your friend will surely love it!