December 6, 2013

Life Grew Here.

This is a Five Minute Friday Post. The theme is Reflect. If you're a blogger, write with us in January!

If there was one word to define this year, I would choose: stretching. It's not the intentional growth pursued that has changed me. Not the best-seller books or the new classes or my own goals.

Instead it is the long haul of year two in mothering a baby. The daily pouring out of my life for another. Learning how to use gifts and callings. The constant surrender of anxious thoughts to a God who cares. The courage to step into new places. The endurance of trusting and waiting. Nights spent sharing honest hurts and hopes and holding onto the man I love. A year with a major address change. Lots of goodbye's and hello's. Two new jobs.


I think back to pregnancy and the stretching that experience required. And the hope that lay before. This year I'm not sure what God has been growing underneath all the daily stretching and even as I'm weary of it, I feel stronger for the course. And just as my stomach's stretch marks define where life grew, I hope that can be said of this year's unseen glory.
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  1. A friend of mine once called all her tough moments 'stretching' moments and likened herself to an elastic band, which God was stretching in order to fulfill His purpose. May your stretching bring you joy and joy in abundance as you see the purpose He has given you... blessings, popping over from FMF.

  2. The stretching is often painful, but God holds on to us during the entire process, and we come out on the other side stronger than before. Praying you have a blessed weekend.

  3. What an interesting comparison between pregnancy and life. All the hard things we go through are birthing new (and hopefully better) life in us...
    Also, surrendering anxious thoughts to a God who cares. Who cares. Isn't that a comforting thought. Thanks, I needed that today.
    And thanks for visiting!

    1. Hi Krista, I'm so glad this post could mean something for you. 1 Peter 5:7 and Philippians 4:6-7 are great truths to hold onto! Blessings of peace prayed for you.