December 10, 2013

5 Blogs (& the posts that changed me!)

Earlier in the year I was connecting with way too many things {online} and not letting much of the good stuff I was reading process into my soul. It was very directionless what I was doing and busy. God led me to a point where I knew I needed to slow down, focus on a few bloggers, and let go of trying to keep up with every great new blog or social media campaign that I would come across. This year of committing to a handful of bloggers has been a blessing that I want to share with y'all!
{My 5 Blogs for 2013 & the posts that changed me}

1) My Freshly Brewed Life

Barbie as a friend/blogger has been such a support to me, so patient and loyal, and a model of grace. Her fall post called Rest, Restore & Revive is such a beautiful message of peace and surrender. We all want to succeed as bloggers and push full steam ahead through some heavy times, but Barbie calls us to rest & gives us room to care for ourselves in this post written out of her own weakness. I'm also inspired by Barbie as she's recently published her first devotional book Coffee Talk with Jesus.

2) Sarah Mae

I don't know Sarah Mae personally, but she has been a lifeline to me this year through her book Desperate and through her courageous blog posts. The post that made me both cry a lot and healed my heart was Dear Lonely Mom Looking For A Friend. And it's not just for moms or women, it's a great post for anyone in a post-college social life looking to connect and coming up empty.

3) Tiny Green Elephants

I stumbled upon this blog from a Facebook share of a friend I made while selling Close To My Heart. It was so meant to be. My heart broadens while reading Amy's blog. In a few months I have become completely sold on the bravery and beauty of adoption, especially for older child adoption. The post that infused a level of joy into my life that I didn't think possible was Maria's First Birthday Party. Maria turned 11. I am so in love with redemption and that is what God did here in all His glory.

4)  Jackie's Eyes

Jackie is a dear friend from college with a beautiful heart who I miss watching the everyday grace by which she lives. She is an amazing wife and mother and really a hero to me in how she seems to juggle all the adventures and tasks of her life. So I was really encouraged and blessed by this honest and practical post called Discipline is Good. It helped me to see that many miles away she was going through similar struggles and how she was relying on God's wisdom for strength & peace of mind.

5) The Life of Faith

I'm not sure how I across Faith's blog, but I'm glad I did! Faith is a lovely youthful voice with a big heart for family. She really seeks to protect and celebrate relationships in her life & I so admire her. My favorite posts from her are about nurturing marriage, like this one called Date Night After Baby. In my marriage we got pretty focused on our baby initially and forgot about caring for us...Faith's blog calls me to honor marriage in all seasons and care for it in fun, creative ways!

So that's it friends, may you also be ministered to by these sweet voices of daughters of God!

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  1. Thank you friend, for sharing my post. It was a reminder of me tonight that I need to pull back and rest and allow Him to restore me. It's so hard to find balance some times. And I love Sarah Mae's blog. I've been following her forever! Hope you are doing well!

    1. I'm so glad you are seeking to find that balance! Thanks for sharing this message with others!