November 14, 2013

So Call Me Maybe.

As I shared in my last few posts, I've been quieting my life to listen to God. Here's a lil' update.

Practically for me it looks like turning off the T.V. during the day, playing more with my daughter, choosing not to get online as much (esp. Facebook), being careful not to commit to things I don't have time for, asking more about my husband to get to know his heart, and slowing down to notice and love others in my path. It's also a lot of pressing in prayer, experiencing more peace and then getting to the point where I want to ask,"What should I do with this time, with this hour you've given me?".

Sometimes I hear His thoughts and other times I don't. Last Sunday I knew to call Grandma, while another afternoon was just silent so the dishes got done. One time I was compelled to share the gentleness of God's love to an employee at Little Caesars and yet another time I simply picked up dinner. Sometimes I hear Him speak and disregard it. This almost always ends in pain of some sort. Like when He recently said, "Don't go to that" and I did, pushing my will over His. Like that's going to work. Other times I move in the direction of his leading and it's blessing or triumph, over and over again. These moments build such trust in who He is and how He cares for me.

When He's silent I get confused and afraid, especially over those things I ache to hear him speak to me. Like when I used to despair over singleness. I would have given anything to have God fill me in. It was like, "Here God, here's my number God, so call me maybe." But oh how he carried me through those silent days. I never knew such love greater comfort from Him. I can say now I don't think I'm always ready to hear what He has to say about some matters, and I'm thankful for the silence then.

Today I'm thinking about Job, my hero of faith who suffered much as God stood by. I'm thinking how He must have ached to hear God's voice, especially in the midst of many weak voices. I love when we finally hear: "Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm". God's response here is one that quiets my soul. Just when I think I know what is best, it's time for me to humble myself and my will for His.

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  1. Those times when God is silent can be so gut wrenching and heart breaking. I've felt His presence closer in some of those times where He did not speak, than other times when I could hear His voice clearly. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Yes so true! Thanks for your wisdom. Wishing you & yours a blessed week!