October 29, 2013


I'm making room in my life for more quiet, for stillness.

See I wasn't all together honest on that last post when I said, "I'm here, I'm tired and I'm listening". The listening part is often silenced with all the noise of my life. It's silenced with the busyness of each day and the weight and the worries and the wonders. I've been unsettled, not always at peace. I've been praying so constantly and offering {a little} of my time in devotions yet I've been trying to figure out why I often feel so far from God. Why I feel He has so little to say to me?

It's like I've been calling up my best friend to share all that's on my heart (and reading her twitter statuses) and then hanging up. No wonder I feel the disconnect. I haven't been waiting to hear.

Do you ever do this? It breaks my heart to admit I do. It's almost like I've been saying, "God I don't have time for you to speak in your way."

Because He doesn't text or tweet. It's not always instant and it's not always loud above the noise. It's usually in my heart where I feel Him speaking, guiding, stirring up something and living freely.

So I'm trying to cut out the noise and pursue only the life He has called me to, one lived close to Him.

Speak to me Lord. Amen. 

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  1. Yes, Rachel, I feel the pull to get lost in the busyness of life, the distractions that keep me away from His presence. It's so important to listen to His voice, to hide away in His presence and regain our perspective. Praying you are blessed as you diligently pursue Him!