July 20, 2013

Home is hard to define as a twenty-something.

Today's 5 Minute Fridays prompt is: Belong.

We are fresh in the face of transition, having moved just one week ago.

Before the move we clung to every moment, savoring every Delta grace. We said our goodbyes,  emptied rooms full of memories in our first family home and started the journey ahead.

Since we are from the Mid-West, so many have said excitedly, "We are so glad you are coming home". We hear you, we're excited to see you. For sure. We've prayed for this day. We're excited for so many reasons. We're close to airports, bookstores, good schools, movie theaters, malls, etc. We are back in suburban life where everything seems within reach. But "coming home"? We just left home.

I was recently sweetly told, "I love your accent". In my home state. Oh Lord, where do I fit in?

Home is hard to define as a twenty-something. Is it where I grew up? Where I went to college? Where I got my first job? Where I served? Where I got married? Where I assemble Ikea furniture? Isn't home best friends and family and familiar places? Home is too hard to nail down to one place.

So we begin making this place somewhere to belong.

We are thankful for and humbled by everyone who has shown us Northern hospitality with moving help, meals, groceries, furniture, time, etc. He has gone before us and cares for us in every need.

Today I'm gonna settle for home being where laughter and stress are shared among my little family, where community grows joyfully in our lives and where afternoons are spent with a new friend who also just moved and misses her home. That's home enough for me. Thank you Lord.

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  1. You capture the anxiety we all feel when we are searching for where we belong. I suspect the simple act of writing about it helps you find your place.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, writing is where I process! Thanks Laura for reading.

  2. Home is wherever you are. Praying you through the transition!