July 29, 2013

Catch my hand: Love letter from Him.

Dear Love,

Remember that time that God heard your prayer and he gave you the desires of your heart. Over and over again. Sometimes it was more painful and involved more patience than you knew you had, but he worked it out for good. He worked it out for good. Remember that season the tears would not stop or the season where all the tears had dried up and there was only emptiness, only bitterness. Remember when he healed your heart, held your hand and led you out of there. Remember those years you felt no freedom, those years full of anger, fear, and hurt. Remember how you thought there was no way out and he delivered you from all your fears, he set you in a place of wide open peace and he freed your soul from old wounds. Remember when He showed up when you so desperately needed Him to or it would fail. Over and over again in the nick of time, in the most unexpected and unperceived ways. Remember when he sustained the life in you, the one the nurses thought wouldn't grow. Remember when he gave you your dream, the one you shared with everyone and the one you didn't. Over and over again, in unexpected seasons and in mysterious ways. Remember when you were broken and could not fix yourself and he made you strong. Remember when you were afraid, so afraid, and he carried you through that experience and got you to the other side. Remember when you cried and felt alone and He brought joy and loves into your life so bright you couldn't stop smiling. Remember when you couldn't do it, no way no how and He met you, He sustained your every need.

Remember when tried to do it yourself like Abraham's Sarah and it didn't work, it didn't happen and it only added hurt. Remember desperate prayers like Jonah's and heart broken faith like Hannah's and fierce courage like Daniel's...remember the hope you found then. Oh in this season of need before you catch my hand for I am with you. Always. Then and now and before and passing by. I have loved you with an everlasting love. Everlasting, I remain present. I am with you now, let me hold you close and we will walk through this fire, we will wait through this wait, and we will see the dawn rise on all that is hidden. I have a plan, so do not fear precious child. I will not abandon. Remember your faith, oh remember such young faith. Honor me for I am your Lord. Remember me. Just remember me.

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