June 23, 2013

This Dance.

There's this theme in my life {that is often not intentional} of coming back to where I left off.

It's like I'm called once and again twice. It's a sweet rhythm of my life, this repeated pattern of places.

Once IL home, twice IL home. Once Bethel student, twice Bethel student. Once Communications major, twice Communications major. Once Student Senate, twice Student Senate. Once Phillips County developer, twice Phillips County developer. Once friendships, twice friendships.

With so much uncertainty I could fear this broken path. Or I could trust that it works out for good.

Once I was six, twirling on the dance floor in pink tights with pink laced up slippers. Then the dream died. I watched others pursue it with such grace and talent. My feet and my dancer's heart at pause.

Twice I was in slippers at age 22. Oh the grace. With pink tights and pink laced up slippers I brought my heart forward again. Such simple things to others were such a significant return for me.

I'm simply thankful for this rhythm, for beginnings that don't end and for more twice seasons ahead.

I'm apart of Five Minute Fridays, where we just write without worrying if it’s just right. This Friday's prompt is Rhythm. Come join us next week!

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  1. I don't think true artists ever really lose their passion to create something. I LOVE that you have revisited your ballet!

  2. Sounds like a very interesting rhythm of circling. It's good to return to things we love. Bless you!