June 7, 2013

Because Dreams Do (sometimes) Come True: My Bucket List

Here's my bucket list friends. I've been wanting to do this for awhile as I LOVE reading others lists and being inspired by their dreams and goals. Time to make my own list while I'm a twenty-something and see what will happen!

First off, I'm gonna brag as God has given great blessings in my life from previous "lists", such as:

Have a little sister. Take a ballet class as an adult. Become a runner. Use dance in worship. Go to Bethel. Be in Student Leadership Opportunities. Go to New York City after 9/11. Learn ceramics. Travel to Ireland. Do International Missions. Rock a bob cut. Be in a pageant and be Miss Congeniality. Empower young girls. Host a radio show. Laugh & cry with sweet, sweet friends. Contribute artwork to an Art Show. Receive a sapphire engagement ring. Go to Sea World and play with dolphins. Take beach trip with my girls. Participate in (and speak at) a Cancer Walk. Marry a Godly adorable husband. Have Julia. Advocate widely for human rights. Meet Ginny Owens. Find the perfect sapphire blue gown (on sale). Experience and extend forgiveness. Be restored.

Summer evening in Northern Ireland

Second, I'm gonna thank God for dreams he did not give at all or not yet because I know that it all works out for good.

And third, here's to believing we can ask Him all things and to dreaming big again...

Rachel's {Latest} Bucket Full of Dreams:

Have one boy and one (more) girl.

Adopt my 2nd daughter.

Vacation in  Greece (hey, I can dream right?).

Donate hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for women with cancer.

Travel to Nepal to weep and serve at the Peace Rehabilitation Center.

Participate in the International House of Prayer Community.

Meet Sara Groves.

Shop for healthier food & products.

Do a 5K Color Run.

Adopt a white furry puppy with black eyes.

Laugh often and be in the moment with my family.

Find (or have tailored) a really great fitting pair of jeans.

Give a scholarship to a Bethel University student.

Write for Relevant Magazine and a host of others.

Find my signature main dish, side dish & dessert.

See my mother find love again & be in her 2nd wedding.

Become a confident and successful Writer.

Be a trusted advocate/mother figure to girls rescued from sex trafficking.

Develop a workout routine again.

Go explore Canada.

Be apart of an influential blog ministry.

Receive small Diamond stud earrings.

Go on carefree dates with Nate.

Make new sweet, sweet friends.

Learn to be a painter.

Grab onto peace at every opportunity.

Sing on a worship team again.

Take a cooking class.

Go on a really elegant date with Nate.

Grow a marriage full of love and respect.

Grow my daughter to be full of grace and joy.

Wear a wedding dress made of soft tulle and pink petals in the skirt like I designed at fourteen when I wanted to be a fashion designer (dress for anniversary party?).

Retreat at the beach, often.

Spend a summer in a cabin in Duluth, MN.

Intentionally experience Sabbath.

Give a bouquet of flowers to a stranger.

Find the perfect Little Black Dress.

And most importantly...

Surrender these dreams (and others) and trust, trust, trust.

Like I said, I love reading lists like these. Do you have some dreams of your own? Leave your bucket list link OR just share 1 or 2 of your dreams in a comment. Can't wait to read yours!

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