May 16, 2013

That's A'more Designs Giveaway + Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Love sisterhood? Hope so, because this review is bursting with the love & strength of sisterhood! 

I've been blessed chatting with Ericka and learning about her business and family, which are very interwoven. Ericka and her sister Amanda are two hard working mothers & co-business owners of the elegant and affordable handmade jewelry line called That's A'more Designs

The inspiration behind the business name is too sweet. Erika says, "We choose That's A'more Designs with inspiration from my then 2 year old daughter and my dad. He had taught her to sing, "When the moon's in the sky, like a big pizza pie, that's a'more," anytime she saw the moon at night."

This family is not only sweet, but strong. Erika is supporting her sis-in-law Michelle, age 29, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past January. I'll be sharing in a bit how you can be involved in the Breast Cancer Awareness Auction she is hosting to benefit Michelle. 

First I gotta show off the stunning jewelry of That's A'more Designs, starting with some super unique earrings! Here I'm wearing beautiful orange jade beads paired with rare West African coins. Aren't they just so gorgeous & earthy?

Below I'm wearing an aquamarine Swarovski crystal heart pendent hung on a bright silver chain with a chunky chain section that is topped with another aquamarine Swarovski crystal. Isn't this romantic? It's like a modern take on the classic Titanic necklace!


Ready to see more styles of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets? Shop That's Amore Designs via their facebook page here (so easy to flip through the albums) or shop the website here (wider selection).

Now onto that Breast Cancer Awareness Event I was telling you about! Can we show Michelle the gift of sisterhood by showing support to her & her family? 

Here's a lil' bio on Michelle:

Michelle Polley Abbott is the glue that holds her family together. She cares for her mother who has kidney disease. Her husband has served our country as a part of the National Guard, even having served in Iraq. She is a mom to two little boys-ages 4 and 6.  At 29 years old, on January 31st 2013, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer. On March 18th she had both breasts removed. Out of the 23 lymph nodes removed under her right arm, 10 had cancer. Michelle is now in stage 3 IDC. 

Erika is hosting this Breast Cancer Awareness Event as an auction from May 24-25th via facebook. Would you consider placing a bid on an item to raise support for Michelle's family? Or maybe you are a business owner interested in donating an item for auction? At the very least, please learn about Breast Cancer. The Susan G. Komen website provides many resources, including screening info, how to support a loved one diagnosed and how to get involved. 

Everyone who bids during the Breast Cancer Awareness Event will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate for That's Amore Designs! And Ericka is offering one of you a $15 store credit too!

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  1. My jewelry style is almost always silver, with classic styles, and lots of blue. Since my toddler's always tugging at my necklaces, earrings are prob. my fav!

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  4. I love Bracelets & Rings the best!