September 3, 2012

Schippin' it!

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Well you might be wondering about this post title...My maiden name is ridiculously fun to play around with: Schipp. Especially for back in the day when we all used answering machines and my mom thought this greeting wouldn't embarrass me when boys started calling, "Ahoy matey. The Schipp's are out at sea, but when we return to dock we'll get back to you". Or maybe that was her strategy.

My friends had fun with it in their own ways & I would get sweet notes like this one:)

My siblings Shawn, Josh and Sarah have had their share too of Schipp inspired recognition:) I still remember Josh's friends calling him by "Schipp Dog" in our high school hallways lol. My little sister Sarah is still a "Schipp" by name & she found this BEAUTIFUL ship inspiration:

Well you know me, as a crafter now I'm inspired and made her a lil' back to NIU encouragement:)

{I love using CTMH's assortment of buttons!}
{Design Tip: Use sponge daubers dipped in Close To My Heart Ink Stamp Pads around edges of your message to smudge on a little kick of color!}

No matter my name or how far we are from each other, I'll always be "Schippin' it" in my heart, love all my "Schipps"!
{smiling together at Christmas 2011}
with redeeming hands,


  1. This is so sweet, Rachel! You really do have a fun mauden name!

  2. OMGosh, I remember that machine message! I love how Sarah plays around with her last name saying things like, "holy schipp." Love the family photo too. Glad you had some time to be creative Rachel today. xo

    1. good memories:) thank you, it's so good to have non-mommy time!