February 12, 2014

If you didn't speak.

My heart is raw today. It's been one of those days where it all seems to put you to the test...challenging interactions, fears and failures creeping up, the mama workload wearing heavy, and winter is still RSVP'ed yes. Just when I think I have my wild and wonderful toddler down for sleep (after the 5th attempt) and a few moments to unwind, I get an important and heart-breaking text from my neighbor.

And while all I want to do is call it a day, I have something to share, how God is working here. And I didn't plan this "If you didn't speak" message to follow my "If you didn't write" post, but I think God did and He has some BIG powerful encouragement for you to use your gifts, whatever they may be. For whoever is in your life, big impact or small impact, it matters. We need who you are created to be. So write, speak, go.

(photo from ifgathering.com)

Because Ann if you hadn't spoken about the Body at the IF Gathering, I would still be wishing I was you. And not being fully released to be me, noncompetitive. Now appreciating again there are many parts, and belonging as I am. You to me and I to you. Every part suffering, every part honored, every part rejoicing.

And Shauna if you hadn't spoken about creating room at the table of our lives at the IF Gathering, I would still be not offering hospitality because of the possibility of the fire alarm going off during yet another dinner. If you hadn't shared and suggested pizza as a perfectly okay way to gather people into your busy life, then I wouldn't have texted my neighbor with the Thursday night pizza invite earlier this week.

And Jennifer if you hadn't been brave earlier this year and spoke the #GoGive Challenge into being, I would have not pushed myself outside of my hospitality comfort zone to invite our neighbors over during a busy weeknight, the only night free in a line up of days.

Your speaking mattered, because you influenced me to a place of confidence & table pursuit & courage. With tears streaming down my face I realized God worked it all together so a family an ocean away from their loved one's passing and the familiarity of their home country could find some comfort that tomorrow night they have a place to be in their sorrow, pizza at 7.

And what if you hadn't spoken.

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  1. I love your words today, Rachel! You are so encouraging! It is wonderful to read how God is working in your life. I'm so glad you are speaking, friend!

    1. Thanks Jennifer for spurring me on and being a leader in faith!

  2. Wow! Such beautiful words. IF sounded so good and now I think I missed out!

    1. Thanks Deanna for being here and I'm so glad you're impacted. Yes IF was amazing, the few sessions I caught at least! They are selling access to it now and I'm sure there's some good blog posts out there recapping it too:)