January 8, 2014

"Plastic Donuts" by Jeff Anderson

What I first noticed about the book Plastic Donuts was the adorable size, it's maybe 4 x 6 like a photo with a nice hardcover binding. I really appreciated that this lil' book packed a lot of punch in thoughts and scriptures on giving, but did not come across intimidating in nature. Jeff Anderson writes in a very easy way to follow about giving being an overflow of our hearts, and less like the preconceived notions we have in our heads about things like 10% figures. It's truly a freeing book that approaches giving with strategy, joy, and even addresses what to do if you're living in debt and are not in a place you can give freely yet.

The size and the language of this book are inviting for a small group, committee, or individual looking to understand and enjoy giving back to the Father. Each chapter ends with questions that make you think more purposely and lovingly when it comes to honoring God with all that we have. My favorite part of Plastic Donuts is the freedom found in Chapter 4, Rule #1: There Are No Rules. It really teaches how God can lead and guide your heart toward giving and grow a heart in you that abounds in trust and kingdom partnerships. If you're uncomfortable with the thought of tithes or have been in a predictable rhythm for awhile, then Plastic Donuts can breath fresh air and perspective to how we can love and discern giving.

{WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing provided me a complimentary copy of this book.}

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