May 31, 2013

"Sent" by Hilary Alan Review

I love the cover of Sent; it gripped me in with it's dramatic map centered on Asia and simple description "How One Ordinary Family Traded the American Dream for God's Greater Purpose".

Love looking beyond the cover? Enjoy this Sneak Peek!

Having traded in the American Dream myself and now soon returning a life of suburban comforts, I wanted to remember this initial passion and the upside down sort of life Christ calls us to. At times Sent was inspiring, convicting, heart-breaking, and also slow-moving and repetitive. The first half of the book is where I struggled to stay interested as Alan describes their journey of calling. The latter half of the book was most interesting to me as it delved into their stories of community ministry.

The Alan family lives out their beliefs, practicing instead of preaching, and tells about their faith transformation and international calling in a deeply honest, yet joyful manner. Sent teaches about the freedom and peace found in Christ that many look to find in power, education, money, etc. Alan reveals their families real struggles to let go of the stuff and privileges of their life and in doing so they have gained riches in experiences, greater trust in God, blessed friendships and more. This book would be a great read for many, and especially for college students starting out their lives and for settled adults living comfortable lives, yet feeling the itch that something might be missing.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. 
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