May 4, 2013

Happiness: Karing Card Club

I absolutely love connections made with other women through blogging. There are so many people I would have never known otherwise and their stories, their families, their businesses, their missions astound me. You all rock and bless me is what I'm trying to say!

Today I'm linking up with the Karing Card Club hosted by Kendra at Kreative Creationz. It's really pretty simple: you are connected with another blogger & given a theme and you bless that person with a card based on the theme. The card can be handmade or store bought; it's more the message that counts. Who doesn't want a lil' extra intentional snail mail their way? Wanna join, start here.

This month I was blessed by Monica from Blessed Mama of 2. Our theme was happiness:) I love the textured Tropical card, makes me think of vacations...pure happiness for sure!

I also really loved that Monica FILLED my card with happy thoughts/quotes. My favorite is "happiest girls are the prettiest". Thanks Monica for sending so much happiness my way!

Happiness is meaningful cards, new friendships, and blog love. Hope you'll join us next month!

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  1. Hi Rachel! Glad you liked your card! I love this kard sharing club :) So Fun! Happy Sunday!

    1. Hey Monica! I did, thanks for being part of the club with me:) Blessings this weekend!

  2. Rachel, I love your card! All of the quotes add such a personal touch. Thank you for being a part of the Karing Card Club!