May 2, 2013

Book Review: Days Like These by Kristian & Rachel Anderson

I haven't held too many books in my life that felt this heavy. Heavy with life that is.

This is kind of ironic as Days Like These is about the struggle for Kristian to fight death in his body, to fight for his family, to lean into God as he fights cancer. Kristian and Rachel so openly share their everyday devastating & yet hopeful call in all it's God glorying ways. It is a story of love & trust, more tested than they could have ever imagined.

I chose this book because of this heartfelt video. Have you seen it? Warning, you will probably cry.

The authors of Days Like These are the couple you just saw. I wanted to know their story, I wanted to know this courage, this family's love story.

I didn't know Kristian and Rachel were my brother and sister in Christ until I started reading. The strength and strategic use of scripture is unbelievably powerful. You feel their strength on these pages. You will feel Kristian's overwhelming will to live. You will feel joy. You will feel God's ever present spirit in dark days and in lighter days. You feel the fight of a lifetime take place, as Kristian once promised to his young bride. You will feel the more silent fight of his bride and children.

I recommend this book to the fighter's, to the friends and family of the fighter's...this is real deal of standing in the balance of life and death and moving forward each day with all you have. The book comes from posts from Kristian's blog "How the Light Gets In" and I promise you will see light here.

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Disclaimer: Book Sneeze provided me a complimentary copy for review. These opinions are my own.

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