April 29, 2013

She grew.

You were first the dream of your father.
I tried to convince him he shouldn't marry me, because I didn't want children.
I drew charts explaining our differences, he wouldn't listen.
Your dad knew best how to change my mind-he prayed often.

Then God gave me hundreds of children to love, empower and educate.
Like Mother Teresa, I felt these were my children. I poured everything into them. I faced their every obstacle and celebrated their every joy.
Being married, people would ask when do you want one of your own?
One of my own? I think these 300 are enough.

After this season there was a purposeful, yet painful pause in my life.

Then you became my dream.
And I visioned you into our lives and I wanted you sweet baby.
Boy or girl, I wanted you.

My heart grew, then my body grew with little kicking you.
You've been counted off in weeks, days, months and now...
You are one year old!

One thing's for sure you are always growing
and we are always growing to love you more.

Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

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  1. This is so beautiful, touching, and sweet!!! She is adorable! God Bless you and yours Rachel!!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet praises, blessings to your lil' family too!

  2. Beautiful job Rachel, what a great story! What a darling she is growing up to be!! What a wonderful Momma too!

    1. Thanks for reading & for your support!!