April 3, 2013

Clean Home, Day 3.

Today's task: Clean a bedroom. Easy enough since I had done a lot of cleaning yesterday in the nursery.


Since the room didn't need much cleaning, I took this time to rearrange furniture. Recently the crib had been pulled away from the wall awkwardly since baby discovered how to reach electrical cords.


We'll see how this set up goes, but I already love the extra play area. Julia even walked 4-5 steps today in her "new room"! So I think it's a win:)

Oh and if you've been reading since Clean Home, Day 1, take a look at this:

It lasted 2 days before my lil' decorator changed the scene up:)

with redeeming hands, 


  1. You have such a cute little helper! I love trying out new set ups. Looks great!

    1. Thanks Tara! Me too, this cleaning challenge is helping me think up new room ideas...a benefit to the chore ha!