April 1, 2013

Clean Home, Day 1.

It's that time of year when the spring cleaning bug catches many of us!

Last year this time I was 9 months pregnant & boy oh boy was I nesting, organizing, cleaning like crazy. I mean look at me, I should have been propping my feet up & propping a bowl full of ice cream on that baby bump:)

It's a relief to not be that hormonally charged over spotlessness this year & just have a relaxed pursuit at a lil' less chaos. Because you know, the baby arrived, and life has never been messier!

I'm taking part in this 30 Day Challenge for a cleaner home. Wanna join me? Here's some of what I did today during Julia's nap. It's easier to get deep cleaning/organizing projects done then of course!

Entryway Before:

Entryway AFTER!

Laundry Before:

Laundry AFTER!

This basket used to hold sweet baby blankets...til my lil' teether started chewing it up:)

Gotta go now, naptime's almost up & the living room looks like a tornado hit it...or a sweet baby girl!

with redeeming hands,

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  1. Very good, great re-purposing of the basket!

  2. I was also very pregnant a year ago and nesting! It's crazy how time flies isn't it?

    1. Yes, so much has happened! What a year!!

  3. You made great progress! I love the purple walls :)

    1. Thank you! It's been one of my best design choices, so cheerful!

  4. Wonderful post! We have a large shoe collection at our house and I've tried everything to make it look pretty. I love your basket in the laundry room... Great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week :)

    1. Thank you Michelle for your visit! Hope your cleaning challenge is going well, I've gotten a little behind in my progress, but that's okay:)