March 19, 2013

Sweet Baby Moments

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Today my daughter has been extra {snuggle in your lap} cuddly & extra {hold you pant leg while I play beside you} clingy. It's been sweet moments to savor because she is growing up quickly & I  can't begin to keep up with her most days! I think she's cuddly because she's teething and though I'm not glad she's in pain, I am glad to be a source of comfort to her:)

Lately as I'm thinking ahead for Julia's 1st birthday, I simply can't help but be so {deep in my soul} THANKFUL for all she is.

Every toothy smile, every passionate baby babble, every squeal, every sweet cuddle, every pitter pattter made from her crawling down the hallway, every funny face made while tasting a new food, every new discovery seen through her eyes, and every moment of connection is a gift.

Just over a month old~

Nearly 11 months old~

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him. 

-Psalm 127:3

just thankful today,

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  1. Amen! I can empathize with your post...I am so thankful for my little guy!! He just turned one! It's crazy how fast the time passes.

    1. Oh happy #1 for your little guy! Glad you can relate- the days are so long, but they do grow so darn quick!