January 27, 2013

Capturin' Moments

Hello, my name is Rachel & I'm a card hoarder.

Words. I love them, like a lot. I save WAY too many cards from friends & family. Their thoughts & hand writing mean much to me...so I cannot tell you HOW EXCITED I am to find a card keepsake idea from Sara!

The card booklet I made is for capturing birthday & anniversary sentiments between my husband Nate & I. The book rings I had on hand are a little small, but I decided I'm going to use this book for memories from dating & our first 5 years married. Next month will be 4 years!

Close To My Heart stickers dress up the cardboard covers a bit & a sharpie to write Love Story lyrics...it's a lil' cheesy, but I still like it:)

Here's the finished product: 

You can do this with birthday cards, Christmas cards, wedding & baby showers, etc.

Hope you're inspired!

with redeeming hands,


  1. Rachel how wonderful! It will be such a testimony of your love for one another as your love grows deeper! What a blessing for your children and future generations to be able to read and touch the words of love! Im so inspired! God bless you girlfriend.

    1. Thanks so much! It would be incredible for it to have that much impact:) Good things to hope for!

  2. Such an easy way to store keepsakes!

    1. Yeah so excited to make more of these books!

  3. Never thought about saving my cards this way! Love it!