December 2, 2012

Creatin' Memories

This year I did the Facebook trend of 30 Days of Thankfulness posts for November. I wasn't sure what to expect for the 30 days but it was a GREAT decision that made my perspective on life's blessings much fuller. Even though the challenge's over, I find myself daily looking at life with more appreciation. To carry on with making this holiday season joyful, I'm coming up with a Wish List for 12 fun ways to celebrate Christmas! With so many parties, presents, & packing to do, Christmas can get pretty stressful/ here's my attempt to keep it real. Stay tuned to hear updates:)

**Rachel's Wish List of Christmas Fun**

1. Participate in CTMH Christmas Blog Hop-DONE! (HOP)
2.  Cook up a French Toast Dinner {Nate's fav}-DONE!

3. Watch "Home Alone" on the big screen-DONE!

4. Enjoy a night drive to see Christmas lights-DONE!
5. Make Christmas Treats {Mint Thins}-DONE!

6. Smooch under our "Kiss Me" frog mistletoe-KISSED!

7. Wrestle wiggly baby to make craft with baby handprints- DONE (tutu)!

8. Create Pandora Station with favorite Christmas Artists-DONE! (LISTEN)
9. Take relaxing bath with Christmas scented candles-DONE!

10. Send Love 146 some love!-DONE, bless it Lord!

11. Read "Tonight You Are My Baby" to Julia-READ!

12. Open up Christmas gifts as a family of 3-Done!

BONUS: 13. Create art to honor God & where he's leading my heart!

Would appreciate prayers for peace, focus, & energy to make this month truly something special, thanks:)

with redeeming hands,


  1. Hello Rachel, Love your Christmas wish list. I have been looking thru the catalog and will have a small order soon. I would also like to ask how you started your blog and things like that. So maybe I will need to call you. But I will wait for that till after the New Year begins as I am sure you are as busy as I am. Going on your blog hop now! Have a great, wonderful day

    1. Hi friend, thank you! I would love to help you place your order & share about blog beginnings, etc. It is a busy season right now, but I can always make time to help you as needed...let's connect soon!